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Our Services

On Site Lab Services

MIAMI LAKES VETERINARY CLINIC offers a full on site laboratory. Our in-house veterinary laboratory features
diagnostic testing for the following:

  • Full bloodwork: CBC and Complete ChemistryPanel.
  • FELV/FIV testing
  • Urinalysis and Sediment examination
  • Cytology of skin & ear samples
  • Distemper & Parvo vaccine titer testing in lieu of annual vaccinations for dogs
  • Microscopic fecal testing for intestinal parasites
  • Occult heartworm, Lymes and Erhlichia testing
  • Parvovirus tests
  • Feline heartworm Ag tests
  • Giardia fecal test
  • Skin allergy testing
  • Presurgical and preanesthetic blood testing

Miami Veterinary is a certified Veterinary specializing in In House Full Lab Services, pet hospital, vet clinic, emergency vet and much more in Miami, FL. We also do Cat Vaccinations, Dog Vaccinations, Routine Preventative Care, Dentistry, Flea And Tick Prevention, Bathing Services, Nutrition Counseling, Behavior Counseling, Prescription Diets , Welcome, Comprehensive Physical Exam, Radiology, Ultrasound (Sonograms And Echocardiography), Surgical Procedures, In House Full Lab Services, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Emergency Medicine And Critical Care, Anesthesia EKG, Pulse Oximetery, Blood Press Monitor and all work related in the 33015 area and surrounding areas in Miami